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Imithi offers clients a unique and first time range of consultant services in forestry, environmental and related fields within and beyond the borders of Swaziland.
Our motto is "the cutting edge of the mind is the hand" and this strongly suggests that we are practically orientated and believe in getting things done on the ground.

We like to see results in the shortest possible time. Therefore initiating a soundly planned and thought through process encompassing all apparent aspects of a resolution, is our aim.




- advice on which species of Timber to be planted (species site matching)
- all aspects of timber harvesting
- logistical forestry matters
- marketing of Timber products
- all aspects of silviculture
- fire protection measures
– preventative fire fighting methods and tactics
- choosing the right fire fighting equipment
- all aspects of forestry safety
- forestry planning (management) compartment and growth modules
– volume calculations and projections


- evaluations of Plantations and Land
- F.S.C – Forestry Stewardship Council
– The introduction of this system into a forestry business and the preparation of the same for auditing and accreditation.
- TRAINING both skills and forestry management tuition
- Environmental matters in general and particular areas of environmental required
to be compliant during various auditing systems i.e. F.S.C.

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