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Since its rebirth in 1987, Ngwenya Glass has been more than an inspiring success story. It is an environmentalist's dream. The products, which include a range of tableware, drinking glasses, vases, jugs and ornamental African animals, are all handmade from recycled glass. Most of this is from soft drink bottles, gathered from all over Swaziland . Not only are the people of Swaziland encouraged to collect the bottles, but Ngwenya Glass works with the local schools to instil in the children a sense of environmental awareness. In exchange for building materials and the sponsorship of the soccer team, the students must participate in roadside clean-up campaigns.
Swazi candles logo

Swazi Candles, situated in the Malkerns Valley in the Kingdom of Swaziland, has been producing fine handmade candles since 1981. Our artists and craftsmen produce unique candle designs which are known throughout the world.

Light from Africa and Swazi Sense Natural Soap
Tel: (268) 2528 3219 Fax:(268) 2528 3135

logo mantenga craft Mantenga Craft Centre stocks a wide variety of traditional art, clothing, pots, toys and furnishings; the craft centre is a must-stop on all art & craft safaris. Check out Acan Masuku's incredible wooden carvings and off-the-wall artwork, feel the delicate finish of Rosecrafts woven mohair products, enjoy the funky feel of African Fantasy's "Two Wild African Cats" range of screen-printed products or get Mr Kashiki, a master silversmith to customise and individualise an piece of jewellery for you - right in front of your eyes. The Ezulwini Health and Snack Bar provides a convenient place for a bite to eat within the centre. Other attractions are the Ezulwini Tourist Office and the Swazi Trails office, both of which are found with the carft centre.
email: anita@rawafrica.com

Craft Market in
Ezulwini Valley

A must for any visitor.
Situated in Ezulwini Valley, next to the old main road, the market offers
the real African shopping experience
African Fantasy Shops at
The Gables Shopping Centre Tel.: 00268 2416 3469
email: i.bock@realnet.co.sz
African Queen logo Lugogo Sun Hotel Ezulwini Valley Swaziland
African Queen provides a wide variety of local Swazi craft as well as various fashion accessories, jewellery and gifts. Swazi Candles, Ngwenya Glass, golf-shirts, t-shirts, swim wear, hats, postcards and books are to be found. The shop is situated on the pool deck of the Lugogo Sun Hotel in the Ezulwini Valley.
email: livinginafrica@realnet.co.sz
baobab logo Original batiks handcrafted in every sense of the word. White fabric transformed into colourful pieces of art by applying melted wax on to cloth and repeated dying. many hours of dedicated work results in a stunning high quality product that will make a major addition to any home or business premises.
Tel:(268) 2528 3177
email: baobab-batik@realnet.co.sz
coral stephens logo Coral Stephens Handweaving in Swaziland produces hand-woven fabrics from mohair, silk, wool, cotton and raffia.
Tel.: (+268) 2437 3059
email: coralstephens@mweb.co.sz
gone rural

Malkerns next to House on Fire
Gone Rural designs and produces uniquely beautiful home accessories handmade by 750 rural Swazi women

Gone Rural has a non-profit foundation call Gone Rural boMake www.goneruralbomake.org that supports the women artisans, their families and communities through health and social programmes, impacting the life of more than 6000 rural people in Swaziland.

guava gallery logo Mantenga Falls Road Ezulwini Valley Swaziland
Widely regarded as the best manufacturing jeweller in Swaziland, Gold & Silver is the anchor of the Guava Gallery premises in Ezulwini. Situated just down the road from Mantenga Craft Centre on the road to the Swazi Cultural Village, it is a great stop for finding unique hand-crafted items. A feature of this design business is their elephant and giraffe hair jewellery combinations, as well as exquisite diamonds, tanzanites and other gemstones.
email: gold-silver@realnet.co.sz
kwaziswazi logo Situated at the Swazi Candles Craft Centre in Malkerns, this art, craft and gift shop is also home to one of the better book collection in Swaziland. African-inspired arts, decor and gifts can be found alongside a wide selection of books.
email: livinginafrica@realnet.co.sz
living in africa logo Situated within the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel in the Ezulwini Valley, this art, craft and gift shop is also home to one of the better book collection in Swaziland. African-inspired arts, decor and gifts can be found alongside a wide selection of magazine, newspapers, African and New Age books.
email: livinginafrica@realnet.co.sz
rosecraft logo Mohair and various other natural fibres including wool, cotton, silk and bamboo are processed by hand on looms almost unchanged since Biblical times.The colours of Rosecraft fabrics are famous and the fine fabrics, garments and tableware are individually handcrafted works of art.
P. O. Box 192, Malkerns, Kingdom of Swaziland
email: rosecraft@realnet.co.sz
swazi secret logo Swazi Secrets produce marula oil based health and skincare products
Finest Baskets in Africa and Exquisite Natural Jewellery handmade by our artists
Shops at
Peak Fine Craft Centre, Piggs Peak - Tekwane, Orion Hotel Piggs Peak
Ngwenya Glass and Happy Valley Hotel, Ezulwini Valley
mail: admin@tintsaba.com
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